A Handy Guide To Get The Proper Kratom Dose For You

Kratom is a powerful herb that is growing in popularity. Like any other medicinal substance, moderation is key, and so is learning when it’s the right time to take another dose. People who take kratom may find that the effects lose their strength if they dosing too frequently or not often enough.

Most people should avoid taking Arizona kratom capsules everyday. But your reasons for using it will affect how frequently you need another dose. People who are using kratom to help with pain relief or anxiety may find they need to take a dose everyday for several days in a row. Here are some tips to help you determine what dosage frequency is right for you.

A Handy Guide To Get The Proper Kratom Dose For You In Mesa, AZ.

Why Space Out Kratom Doses?

There are several reasons why you want to carefully spread out your doses of kratom. First, so that you get consistent, maximum benefits. For some people, this means taking kratom more frequently over a shorter period of time in order to get a particular benefit.

Secondly, spreading out kratom doses reduces dependency or the risk of addiction that can happen with long-term usage. A third reason is to prevent your body from developing a tolerance and reducing the effects. Once your body gets used to regular doses of kratom, the effects will start to wear down and you’ll require higher doses. Or you may find that the energizing and mood boosting benefits dwindle more quickly. When you space out your kratom doses a few times a week, your body won’t develop a tolerance, and you’ll be able to continue enjoying a euphoric and energizing experience with just a single dose.

When Should I Take a Dose Of Kratom?

It’s almost universally agreed that a dose of kratom taken in the morning has the strongest and longest lasting effects. A second dose taken later in the day will be reduced in effectiveness and may need a higher amount to get the same results.

So How Long Should I Wait Between Kratom Doses?

It’s helpful to understand how kratom works in the body. Mitragynine, which is one of the chemical components of kratom that produces its effects, has a half life of about 24 hours. This means that after you take a dose, only half of the mitragynine has been metabolized 24 hours later.

One dosing method is to take a new dose every 12 hours so that you can maintain a consistent amount of kratom in your body. This is a similar method to how antidepressants are taken, which also have a half life of about 24 hours.

The coveted answer to “how long?” really depends on what you affects you hope to get from taking Arizona kratom leaves.

If you need to take kratom daily, space your doses to every 12 hours so that you can maintain consistent levels in your bloodstream. If you use kratom only occasionally, such as on the weekend, space out doses by about 6 hours. Usually, it’s a good idea to skip 1-2 days in a row so that you can avoid developing a tolerance.

If you’re using kratom to help manage the symptoms of opiate withdrawal, space your doses as far you can to avoid severe withdrawal symptoms. This should range from 4-6 hours. The goal is to space out doses as much as you can and to gradually increase the time between doses until you get to a point where you don’t need kratom at all.

Tips For Spacing Kratom Doses

If you’re still feeling unsure about how often to space out your Arizona kratom doses, try these tips:

Use Kratom Potentiators

A potentiator is a medication or food that strengthens the effects of kratom. While spacing out doses, a kratom potentiator can increase the length of your experience. Some suggested potentiators to research and consider include CBD, magnesium, grapefruit juice, turmeric, black seed oil, antacids, and some prescription medications. Be sure to acquire any prescription medications legally. You can also try freezing your kratom capsules before consuming.

Keep a Journal

Writing down your doses, their frequency, and how much you took is a good way to look back over time and see how kratom is affecting you. Likely, you’ll notice that even small doses provide excellent effects, and that spaced out doses work more effectively.

Try Other Herbs Or Supplements

Kratom’s strength is one of the reasons to avoid taking it daily. Try alternating by taking one herb one day and kratom the next, or stagger kratom to every third day. Some herbs that synergize with kratom include:

  • Energy: coffee, yerba maté, guarana
  • Focus: rhodiola, bacopa, ashwagandha
  • Sleep: passionflower, cannabis, valerian

Get the most powerful and effective results from kratom by spacing out your doses to meet your needs. Don’t be afraid to experiment and record what works for you so you can gain the ultimate kratom experience!

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